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Applied StemCell, Inc. (www.appliedstemcell.com) is expanding our business!  

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Scientist/Senior Scientist – Bioproduction/Antibody Engineering 

Job Location:  Milpitas, CA

Job Duties:

The position offers an exciting opportunity to engage in the discovery and preclinical development of protein therapeutics for unmet medical needs. You will be the key player of research and development group and perform hands-on protein/antibody engineering activities to support discovery and development of therapeutic proteins, monoclonal antibodies and bispecifics. The primary responsibilities include obtaining in-depth knowledge of the therapeutic proteins of interest and using this information for protein generation and technology development. This includes protein/antibody engineering, expression and purification and subsequent antibody generation. He/she will be responsible for designing and cloning various antibody formats (scFvs, Fabs, full length and bi-specific IgGs) into mammalian expression vector systems.  He/she will need to work closely with the others to evaluate and characterize these proteins in a variety of in vitro and in vivo models and use these results to further engineer the antibodies to maximize their therapeutic potential. 


  • Ph.D. in Biological Science (Immunology, Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, Cell biology, Structural Biology, Protein Chemistry) or a related field
  • Strong track record of success demonstrated through publications in highly regarded journals and/or intellectual property generation
  • Previous experience with antibody discovery and antibody engineering technologies is required
  • Strong hands-on experience with basic cell biology, mammalian protein expression and purification and protein assay techniques is required (mammalian cell culturing, ELISAs, western blots, etc.) 
  • Strong background in molecular cloning techniques
  • The ability to manage multiple projects efficiently, to communicate clearly and effectively and build open and collaborative relationships is essential
  • Proven experience and knowledge of recombinant antibody construction and design is required
  • Experience in small-scale bioreactor operation for antibody production is a plus.

Scientific Project Manager

Job Location: Milpitas, CA

Job Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Build positive professional relationships with clients and associates by integrating the client’s needs into the new project design.
  • Define project objectives, requirements, and assumptions necessary to structure a project or activity.
  • Plan, schedule, and control project activities to fulfill objectives and satisfy project requirements.
  • Develop and drive integrated project plans by aligning project tactics with project strategy.
  • Establish, maintain, and lead high performance project teams, while serving as the project advocate within the client organization.
  • Lead, coordinate, facilitate, and motivate all associated project resources to gain alignment on project goals and deliverables.
  • Assess risk management within project teams and ensure risks has appropriate mitigation and contingency plans.
Required Experience, Skills and Training:
  1. MS in Biology Sciences, PhD is preferred
  2. Strong knowledge/experience and skills in wet lab, including molecular and cellular biology, gene modification for human cell lines including stem cells, and transgenic animal models
  3. Experience in the biotechnology industry
  4. Demonstrated work ethic, integrity, and professional conduct.
  5. Computer program skills, including but not limited to, MS office applications, bioinformatics and statistics.


Digital Marketing Manager/ AccuRef Diagnostics


Job Location: Milpitas, CA


Job Description:


  • Assist in developing and excecute digital marketing strategy and plan roadmap
  • Execute tactical digital marketing programs and event.
  • Assist with eCommerce development of website
  • Content management and email campaigns
  • Social marketing 
  • SEO, SEM & PPC  and webanalytics
  • Be able to work with backend programmers to develop website features
  • Conduct competitive analysis




  1. 2-3 years of digital marketing  experience  preferably in the  life sciences/ diagnostic industry
  2. Knowledge of on-line marketing tools (SEO, adwords, webmaster, webinar, social media, and marketing automation)

Marketing Director / Manager

Job Location: Milpitas, CA

Job Description:

  • Develop creative marketing programs and OEM business partnerships, event and online marketing programs
  • Establish and develop technical marketing objectives aligning with company’s goals
  • Design, develop, plan out technical marketing strategies  
  • Track & optimize the effectiveness of the content strategy
  • Conduct competitive analysis
  • Develop product strategy and roadmap with product development team


  1. 2-5 years of marketing or business development in life sciences industry/CRO (iPSC/ Stem cell research, cell expansion, cell culture)
  2. M.S. or Ph.D. preferred
  3. Knowledge of on-line marketing tools (SEO, adwords, webmaster, webinar, social media


Associate Scientist

Job Location: Milpitas, CA

Job Duties: To develop and generate cell lines and animal models with precise genome modifications using genome editing methods and tools. This is a hands-on lab-based role at the forefront of the Genome Editing technology and/or induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs) technology with a focus on effective delivery, troubleshooting and putting ideas into action. Provides support, supervision and coaching to scientists, ensuring that methods run efficiently and correctly, developing and guiding the set-up of new methodologies.

  •  Extensive hands-on animal model/iPS cell line generation experience using a variety of methods, including genome editing tools (ZFN, TALEN and CRISPR /CAS9) on a variety of cell types or animals.
  • Experience culturing different mammalian cell types including human iPSCs, ESCs and primary cells.
  • Strong molecular biology skills including gDNA, PCR and RNA isolation and molecular cloning skills
  • Innovative publications and excellent oral and written communication skills and organizational skills
  • Accountabilities
  • To have strong collaboration skills
  • To work independently to contribute to the design and analysis of experimental procedures by incorporating the views of others
  • To interpret experimental data and play a significant role in the planning of further experiments.
  • To maintain an awareness of current developments in the literature.
  • To identify and solve problems associated with their experiments.
  • To conduct where appropriate in parallel more than one agreed area of work to agreed timelines.


  1. Ideally should have a M.S. or Ph. D. degree or corresponding experience in a relevant scientific discipline with several years of relevant experience in genetic modification for hiPS cells, primary cells and transgenic animals


Microinjection specialist 

Job Location: Milpitas, CA and Mountain View, CA

The incumbent will play a key role in our animal science group. Responsibilities include but not limited to 1) oversee mouse and rat transgenic model projects; 2) conduct microinjection of DNA and embryonic stem cells; 3) manage 10 to 20 service projects; 4) in charge of administrative duties, such as interacting with facility management, ordering animal and scheduling injection; 4) in charge or assist other animal handling procedures, such as surgery, drug administration, tissue sample collection, animal shipping, etc.. The incumbent may be involved in regular lab duties when necessary.


  • Master's degree in biological sciences with a minimum of three year of microinjection experience.
  • Hands on experience in pronuclear injections, embryo harvesting, IVF, and other microinjection related routines
  • Industrial experience preferred; Animal handling experience a must
  • Experience/training in cell biology is a plus
  • Understanding theories behind transgenic animal model generation
  • Managerial experience is preferred
  • Computer skills, including MS applications and sequence analysis software
  • Attention to details, willing to entertain scientific challenges
  • Ability of frequent heavy lifting of animal cages and other supplies


  1. Microinjection: 3 years


Research Associate

Job Location: Milpitas, CA
The candidate will use state-of-the-art equipment to identify transgenic animals and optimize the current technique in detecting transgene, design and prepare the materials for experiment, conduct scientific equipment to identify the transgene mice using molecular knowledge, record results from experiment, modify, test, verify and analyze data to determine next steps, compile research data, discuss with manager about completed projects and revise and develop the protocols in order to complete a research project. 


  • Bachelor’s degree in molecular and cell biology, biochemistry, or related discipline
  • Hands-on molecular biology/cloning/cell culture expertise
  • A track record of generating reproducible and reliable results with limited supervision, yet understand when to seek input and when to make independent judgments
  • Proven creativity, problem-solving, and written/oral communication skills
  • Self-motivation to understand the principals of genome engineering


Research Assistant, Animal Sciences 

The incumbent will work in our animal science group. Responsibilities include but not limited to 1) order animal according to scheduled microinjections; 2) conduct routine procedures for animal preparation before and after microinjections, such as hormone injections and animal suture; 3) collect tissue samples for service and R&D projects; 4) manage mouse and rat cages for service and R&D projects; 5) maintain lab supplies and prepare routinely used reagents; 6) in charge of animal transfer domestically and internationally; 7) participate in project management under senior group members’ supervision. 


  • Bachelor’s degree in biological sciences
  • Mouse/rat handling experience preferred
  • Experience/training in a biological lab necessary
  • Understanding theories behind transgenic animal model generation a plus
  • Computer skills, including MS applications and sequence analysis software
  • Attention to details, willing to entertain scientific challenges
  • Ability of frequent heavy lifting of animal cages and other supplies