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Vector Design / Cloning Service

Applied StemCell has extensive expertise in anything DNA-related. We can develop the best strategy to tackle your cloning projects, and find solutions to all your technical problems.

  • Comprehensive services for genome engineering for in vivo and in vitro applications
  • Restriction fragment cloning
  • Design and validation of CRISPR/Cas9 components: gRNA design and in vitro validation by next generation sequencing (NGS)
  • Gene targeting vectors for homologous recombination
  • Design and construction of vectors for transient mammalian transgene expression
  • Bacterial artificial chromosome recombineering for large fragment insertion
  • Design of RNAi and inducible vectors, gene tagging, and site-directed mutagenesis
  • Vector design for generation of random transgenic cell line and animal models
Products and Services
Technical Details

Simplify your research workflow! Let Applied StemCell clone your gene of interest while you focus on other aspects of your project.

A typical cloning procedure includes:

  • Primer design for target region
  • PCR amplification of target region
  • Cloning of the PCR product into a cloning vector
  • Sub-cloning the gene into the vector of your choice
  • Picking, plating, culturing, and DNA preparation
  • Sequence confirmation
  • Plasmid purification (Mini, Midi, or Maxi size)

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