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Need a Custom FFPE Standards using your own cell line(s)?  Custom FFPE Processing of Your Cell Lines: Single or Multi-Spot Capabilities.

The ONCOREF™ Custom FFPE Services allows you to receive FFPE Services with fast turnaround time, with uncompromising quality and consistancy you expect.  Simply ship us your cells.  If needed, we can culture the cells for you, fix the cells using buffered formalin (24 hours, typically), and then embed your cells into a  praffin block.  If requested (Optional) we can prepare FFPE slides or scrolls from the freshly prepared block we prepared for you.   We can typically can turnaround a FFPE block in 7 working days from receipt of 1 x 108 cells. 

What is the turnaround time for a Custom FFPE block?
How many cells do you need to prepare a FFPE block?
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How do you fix the cells before preparing a FFPE Block?
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Technical Details

How to obtain a Custom FFPE Block quote:

  1. Download our custom FFPE Services Order Form (click yellow button below). 
  2. Save the pdf with a different file name 
  3. Open the PDF form (with the new file name)
  4. Click the "Submit" button located on the top of the order form. 

 FFPE Services

 1) Choose a Cell Lines: 

  1. Your own cell line
  2. ONCOREFtm Mutation Cell Line
  3. Human Cancer Cell Lines Offered (see list below) 
      • Breast Cancer (SK-BR-3, MCF7, MDA-MB-231, MDA-MB-468, BT-474, T-47D
      • Lung Cancer (H2228, H23, A549, H460, HOP-62, H322)
      • Cervical Cancer (HeLa, Ca Ski)
      • Prostate Cancer (PC3, DU-145)
      • Colon Cancer (SW-620, HT-29, HCC-2998)
      • Melanoma (SK-MEL-2, SK-MEL-5, M14, M21, CHL-1)
      • Leukemia (K-562, Jurkat, Raji)
      • Ovarian Cancer (OVCAR-8, IGR-OV1)
      • Renal Cancer (SN-12C, TK-10)
      • Liver Cancer (HepG2, Huh-7

human cell line block)


 Optional FFPE Services:

  • Slides:  Custom FFPE slides are the perfect solution to your IHC and ISH application needs.  We offers both single-spotting and custom multi-spotting services. (see images below)
  • Scrolls: Custom FFPE scrolls can be used as reference materials for in vitro diagnostics development or other applications.

FFPE Slide Options:  Single or Multi-Spot Capability available

 Custom FFPE Slides

 Typical FFPE preparation protocol we recommend for custom FFPE projects:

  •  Fixation: 10% formaldehyde/1xPBS for 24 hours at 24-26°C
  • Section thickness: 5 µm
  • Cell Density:  >75%
  • Slide Type: SuperFrosttm Plus

To learn more about our ONCOREFtm FFPE Reference Standards and other diagnostic products, WATCH for our webinar titled "ONCOREF™ Reference Standards: Application of CRISPR/Cas9 to the Generation of Isogenic Cell Lines and Reference Materials".

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