CRISPR Knock-in Cell Line Service

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Custom knock-in stable cell line generation service using highly optimized CRISPR/Cas9 protocols. ASC has generated 1300+ unique cell line models with a wide variety of modifications. Avail some of our popular CRISPR/Cas9 knock-in cell line service for reliable, affordable and fast turnaround time for generating your cell line models.

  • Locus-specific small/ large fragment gene insertions
  • Safe harbor locus knock-in
  • Reporter gene knock-in/ gene tagging
  • Gene overexpression (Ex. Antibody/ antigen expression)
  • Promoter modifications
  • Gene replacement; gene therapy
  • Gene fusion/ translocation

Other features include:

  • Homozygous/ heterozygous knock-in clones
  • Variety of cell lines: cancer, hard-to-transfect, most mammalian species

Workflow includes:

  • gRNA design, construction, and validation
  • Donor DNA construction
  • Cell line validation, transfection and optimization
  • Screening for single cell clones and clone confirmation
  • Cell expansion and cryopreservation


  • Two (2) clones that are homozygous for the targeted insertion, with two (2) vials of each clone at 1 x 10^6 cells/vial.
  • Milestone update/report; final report with detailed description of each procedure, including targeting vector design, construction and validation, transfection condition, genotyping strategy, and results.

Timeline: 3-4 months


  • Disease modeling for immuno-oncology, pharmacogenomic studies
  • Drug discovery and drug efficacy and toxicity screening; drug combination studies
  • Antibody validation/ screening
  • Deriving diagnostic reference standards and materials
  • Recombinant protein production in CHO cells
  • Generation of TARGATT™ master cell lines by inserting an attP "docking site" for site-specific gene knock-in