Learn About Molecular, Cell, and Histological Reference Standards

We offer validated, molecular, cellular, and histological reference material that can help accelarate diagnostic assay development. In addition, our reference standards are employed in sample processing workflows assessment, or as quality controls by clinical diagnostics laboratories for assay validation. Need more information on the various uses of molecular, celluar and histological reference standards. Click here! 

Oncoref reference standards product overview

Our Isogenic cell line-based FFPE reference standards represent ideal materials for diagnostic assay development and routine quality control purposes. ONCOREF™ FFPE Mutated Cell Scrolls provides precision-edited, isogenically-paired, mutant and wild-type FFPE reference standards is a great resource for diagnostic assay development and quality control purposes. ONCOREF™ footprint-free genome editing technology for cell line generation enable precise mutation generation without concerns of genomic scar incorporation from the use of selection markers or other footprint-based technologies.

Why Use Cell and Molecular Reference Materials?

  • Reference materials for biologics  provide a consistent and reliable resource for evaluating and optimizing various stages of your sample processing workflow.  Whether you’re starting from DNA extraction, assay design, or library preparation, our reference materials can help you to identify and eliminate sources of variability within your protocols. Our reference standards for biologics is ideal for companion diagnostic assay development. 
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Molecular Reference Materials Enables You To:

  • Optimize your DNA extraction protocols prior to using valuable patient samples
  • Monitor the impact of workflow changes on downstream results using consistent, third-party validated standards
  • Establish limits of detection (LODs) using mixtures of isogenically-paired, mutant and wild-type DNA
  • Utilize standardized materials to easily transfer workflows across labs or institutions
  • Accurately evaluate batch-to-batch variability to streamline your quality control process
  • Our reference standards for biologics are ideal for companion diagnostic assay development. 


Our cellular or molecular reference materials can be used for various histological or genetic analysis methodologies.

  • Immunohistochemistry (IHC)
  • H&E staining 
  • in situ hybridization (ISH & FISH)
  • DNA sequencing (Sanger, Next-Generation Sequencing)
  • PCR (quantitiative real-time or digital)
  • DNA microarray  
  • RNA (gene-expression)
  • QDP
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