Quan-Plex™ Quantitative Multiplex Panels

The Quan-Plex™  Quantitative Multiplex Reference Standard Panels allow you to simultaneously assess assay performance across multiple loci and genetic variants with dPCR or next-generation sequencing (NGS).


  • Workflow and assay optimization
  • Routine assessment of sample-to-sample or batch-to-batch variability
  • Evaluation and refinement of bioinformatics pipelines
  • Monitoring of inter-operator variability
  • Evaluate reproducibility of your NGS workflow or bioinformatics pipeline

 Key features: 

  • Digital PCR verified mutations
  • Foot-Print Free 
  • Available in both genomic DNA,  FFPE and cytopathology slides formats
  • Renewable source of bio-relavent materials  

Mutation containing cell line mixture 


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