Dopaminergic Neurons Starter Kit (iPSC from Cord Blood Cells CD34+; Male)

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ASC’s Human Dopaminergic Neuron Kit contains cryo-preserved, pre-differentiated dopaminergic neuron precursors derived from a footprint-free, karyotype normal human iPSC line. It is designed for customers to generate mature dopaminergic neurons using ASC’s optimized maturation medium and supplements. Mature and functional dopaminergic neurons can be obtained within 12-14 days. The dopaminergic precursors can be seeded on various culture vessel formats including 96-well plates on either glass or plastic surfaces and cultured as adherent cells. Shortly after seeding, the cells proliferate slightly for up to 4 days and show extensive neurite outgrowth and proper neuronal morphology. In general, on Day 12-14 post-seeding, the cell population will contain >80% neurons, >30% TH+ dopaminergic neurons and < 15% GFAP+ astrocytes.