Embryoid Body (EB) Formation and Characterization Service


Service to confirm pluripotency and evaluate differentiation potential of human and mouse ESC and iPSC lines in vitro via Embryoid Body Formation and Characterization Assay 


  • A complete service that includes embryoid body formation and characterization to assess the pluripotency of your ESC/iPSC lines.
  • A fast and cost-effective alternative to the more stringent teratoma formation assay. Our turnaround time is approximately 3 weeks.
  • Ideal for rapid initial screenings or large sample screenings.

Service Includes:

  • Culture system to induce embryoid body formation
  • Collection and processing of EBs for staining (embedding, sectioning)
  • IHC staining of EBs for pluripotency markers
  • A full report containing high resolution, publication-grade images.


  • Ectoderm: Nestin, Beta III tubulin
  • Mesoderm: Desmin, Smooth muscle actin
  • Endoderm: Alpha fetoprotein

Please contact us if you require different or additional markers.