FREE Webinar -Footprint-Free Isogenic Cell Lines and Nucleic Acid Reference Materials using CRISPR



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Application of CRISPR/Cas9 to the Generation of Isogenic Cell Lines and Reference Materials


Abstract: CRISPR/Cas9 is rapidly enabling the development of new tools for enhancing our understanding oncogenic mutations in cancer. In order to aid in advancing cancer diagnosis and treatment, Applied StemCell has recently engineered a series of 40 isogenic cell lines that feature diverse mutations in the MAPK pathway. These mutant lines are available as isogenic pairs for applications in lead compound discovery, or as FFPE and nucleic acid reference materials for assay development. This webinar will focus on ASC’s efforts in developing these research tools, as well as applications of the materials for the advancement of cancer research. 

Speaker: Andrew Hilmer, Ph.D., Product Manager, Applied StemCell, Inc. 
Dr. Andrew Hilmer works in Business Development at Applied StemCell, a leading stem cell and gene-editing company that focuses on the development of products and therapeutics that are enabled by its proprietary gene editing platforms, TARGATT™ and CRISPR/Cas9. Prior to joining Applied StemCell, Andrew was an NIH Postdoctoral Fellow at Stanford University, and completed his Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering at MIT.