Human Bone Marrow Stromal Cells cDNA

20 rxns/vial

Catalog Number ASD-9015
Quantity 20 reactions

Product Information
Applied StemCell’s cDNA is synthesized from a highly pure and intact total RNA that was isolated via a modified guanidine thiocyanate technique and devoid of genomic DNA contamination. Five ug of total RNA was reverse transcribed into a single strand cDNA using oligo–dT primer in 20 mL total volume. RT reaction was stopped by heating at 85°C for 5 minutes. Using 1 µl of cDNA per PCR reaction is sufficient for 20 typical PCRs. Applied StemCell’s  cDNA can be used in gene expression and cloning studies, analysis of mRNA alternative splicing, gene mutation analysis and other molecular biology fields.
Origin Human, single donor
Development Period Postnatal
Disease State Normal