Neural Stem Cells (NSCs) Differentiation Service

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 Neural Stem Cells Differentiation Service

  • Send us your pluripotent cell line (or use our iPSCs)
  • We will differentiate your ESC/iPSC line into neural progenitor cells (NSCs) by using our proprietary induction protocol.
  • Neural progenitor cells are proliferating cells that can be frozen and cultured over a prolonged period of time.
  • Neural progenitor cells can be further differentiated into multiple neural cell types
 Service Time Deliverables
1. Recovery, Expansion and Validation of iPSCs/ESCs  2-3 weeks Biweekly updates throughout service
2. Neural Stem Cells Differentiation  (2-6 X10^6 Cells)  2-4 weeks  
3. Characterization of Differentiated Cells by ICC (per marker)  1 weeks  



Standard Deliverables:

  •  2-6 X10^6 /line, cryopreserved.
  •  Neural stem cells maintenance medium: 250ml
  •  Reports: NSC marker staining (ie. SOX1, Pax6) and mycoplasma testing

Price listed is a general guideline for academic institutes and may vary. Please contact us for details and quotes.