Skeletal Muscle Cells

500,000 cells/vial

 Catalog Number ASE-5203

Quantity 5.0 x 10^5 cells/mL

Product Information
Description: Skeletal muscle cells are derived from whole muscle (of a single donor) that has been dissociated into single cells and cultured. These cells enable researchers to produce various cell types found in skeletal muscle with published protocols. Human skeletal muscle cells may be used in various in vitro, in vivo, or regenerative medicine studies in normal or diseased systems and in muscle development studies.

Origin: Human origin, single donor


Development Period: Postnatal

Disease State: Normal

Quality Control: All cell processing is validated under strict protocols with IRB approval. All cells are guaranteed to meet or exceed customer’s expectations when handled according to instructions. 

Passage Number: Frozen cells (P2-3)

Test Conditions: Cells are grown and passed to determine sterility and mycoplasma for all lots.  In addition, viability is determined prior to and after freezing. All cells are confirmed to be highly pure by molecular, cellular, or protein assays with their specific markers.

Storage and Handling
Handling Instructions: Frozen cells are shipped on dry ice. Upon arrival, place into -196°C (LN2) for long term storage or subculture immediately.
Storage Conditions: Store at -196°C (LN2) upon receipt until ready to culture.
Storage Solution: 10% DMSO