Neuron Induction Media

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100 ml

Applied StemCell’s neural stem cell (NSC) Maintenance Media is a serum-free media produced using proprietary formulations for robust growth, maintenance and expansion of NSCs in culture without spontaneous neuronal differentiation. NSC cultured in this optimized maintenance media are characterized by high recovery rate and can be expanded for up to 5 passages without loss of capacity to differentiate into various types of neurons and glial cells.


  • NSC Maintenance Medium: 100 mL
  • NSC Maintenance Supplement A: 2 mL
  • NSC Maintenance Supplement B: 20 µL

Quality Control:

  • NSC culture with purity: ≥90% SOX1+/Nestin+

Figure 1. Example of neural stem cell (NSC) morphology at different time points post-seeding. 


Figure 2. Example of NSC immunostaining showing that ≥90% of total cells expressed SOX1 (green) and Nestin (red) markers. Total count of nuclei (blue) is used as the total number of cells.