ASC Licenses Its TARGATT™ CHO Cell Technology for Biotherapeutics Development | ASC

Milpitas, California, January 19th, 2021 --

Applied StemCell Licenses Its TARGATT™ CHO Cell Technology to Twist Bioscience Corp. for Biotherapeutics Development.

The multi-platform gene-editing company, Applied StemCell (ASC), today announced a commercial license of its TARGATT™ CHO technology to Twist Bioscience (Twist), a global innovative synthetic biology company. Execution of the license agreement was based on the evaluation result of the TARGATT™ CHO cell platform by Twist to assess its suitability for Twist’s antibody discovery, library screening, and bioproduction process.  The TARGATT™ CHO cell technology enables site-specific gene integration of a transgene into a safe genomic hotspot with high efficiency and high expression. Twist has rights to access the TARGATT™ CHO cell technology to conduct antibody screening and develop biotherapeutic products.

“Following the positive results from pilot studies, we are extremely excited and encouraged by the adoption of our TARGATT™ CHO cell technology by Twist”, commented Ruby Tsai, CEO of ASC. “We will continue to work with partners in discovery and bioproduction processes to deliver a next-generation platform that is suitable for biotherapeutic production, demonstrating increasing industry acceptance.”

About Applied StemCell, Inc.

Applied StemCell, Inc. is a leading gene editing and stem cell therapy CRO company founded in 2008 in Milpitas, California. ASC supports gene editing and stem cell therapy development processes with two high-impact platforms: CRISPR and TARGATT™ genome editing and stem cell technologies. ASC’s proprietary TARGATT™ technology enables site-specific, stable integration of large DNA fragments into a safe harbor locus more efficiently and faster, with guaranteed transgene expression without the disruption of internal genes and gene silencing. ASC licenses its TARGATT™ CHO, HEK293, and iPSC cell technology to pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and gene/cell therapeutic companies. For further information on the TARGATT™ technology, please visit:

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Maki Ogawa
Marketing Director, Applied StemCell, Inc.