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  • Announcing the Upgraded TARGATT™ Transgenic Kit “Version 2” for Transgenic Mouse Model Generation Applied StemCell is excited to introduce an upgraded TARGATT™ Transgenic Kit for efficient and stable insertion of your gene of interest for transgenic mouse model generation. The new   ...Read more

  • Applied StemCell, Inc. (ASC) has developed a genetically encoded synthetic luciferase system based on the bacterial luciferase gene cassette. Unlike traditional bioluminescent systems that encode only the luciferase enzyme, and therefore require the destructive application of a chemical substrate to   ...Read more

  • MAPK Mutation Panel of Isogenic Cell Lines and FFPE Reference Standards Applied StemCell launches is latest product series: The ONCOREF™ MAPK Mutation Panel of Isogenic Cell Lines and Reference Standards. This series features 51 recurrent pathway-activating mutations in the   ...Read more

  • 15% Off! End-of-Summer Special! Lowest Price! CRISPR Knock-in Mouse Model Generation Applied StemCell is offering LARGE FRAGMENT Knock-in Mouse Generation Service at a grant-friendly 15% price discount. Large DNA insertion up to 6 kb Efficient CRISPR protocol by-passes mouse embryonic stem   ...Read more

  • Applied StemCell is excited to bring you the latest product in its catalog! A PCR-based Mycoplasma Detection Kit! With Applied StemCell's PCR Detection Kit, you can be confident your cell lines are mycoplasma-free. It is a very affordable (just   ...Read more

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