Oligodendrocytes differentiation

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Oligodendrocytes Differentiation Service from iPSCs

Two Milestones/Project:

  • Milestone 1 : OPC-OLIG2+ differentiation. 
  • Milestone 2 : OPC-O4+ differentiation. 


  • 5-6 million OPC-OLIG2+ cells, cryopreserved, 1 million cells/vial. 1 vial will be recovered for markers staining; 3-4 vials will be recovered for O4+ cells differentiation. 1 frozen vial can be delivered.
  • 2-3 million mixed population cells containing OPC-O4 cells, frozen or live cultures.


  • OPC-OLIG2+: Pax6 and OLIG2 staining; freeze-thaw recovery test, mycoplasma testing
  • OPC-O4+: O4 staining, and freeze-thaw testing result.
  • For differentiation projects using customer’s stem cells,ASC will perform up to 2 rounds of differentiation, including optimization. However, ASC does not guarantee the yield/purity of differentiated cells.  ASC will use a previously validated human iPSC line to conduct controlled OPC-O4+ cells differentiation in parallel. For controlled line, ASC targets OLIG2+ cells purity >80% for phase I differentiation; O4+ cells purity >30% for phase II differentiation.