ONCOREF™ MAPK Mutation Panel: Cell Lines and FFPE Reference Standards

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MAPK Mutation Panel of Isogenic Cell Lines and FFPE Reference Standards

Applied StemCell launches is latest product series: The ONCOREF™ MAPK Mutation Panel of Isogenic Cell Lines and Reference Standards. This series features 51 recurrent pathway-activating mutations in the EGFR, KRAS and BRAF genes, based on the data from Sanger Institute's COSMIC database. The formats available in this series includes:

Key features of this MAPK series

  • Most comprehensive MAPK mutation panel on the market
  • Well-characterized colorectal cancer cell lines: EGFR (RKO), KRAS (RKO) and BRAF (HCT116)
  • Footprint-free, homozygous mutations
  • Reference cell lines are expanded from single-cells, ensuring maximum homogeneity
  • FFPE products contain highly homogenous with up to 90% coverage
  • FFPE processing preserves both cellular morphology and biological molecules similar to clinical samples.

These product represent ideal tools for both companion diagnostics assay development and routine quality control: for immunohistochemistry, in situ hybridization qPCR, sequencing, and other modelcular diagnostic applcications.