PBSS & Bio-Science Forum Joint Symposium: Advances in Immuno-Oncology; June 11, 2019; Foster City, CA

Meet with Applied StemCell’s (ASC) technical experts at the PBSS & Bio-Science Forum Joint Symposium on Advances in Immuno-Oncology to learn about our latest toolkits to advance your immuno-oncology applications, including CAR-T, antibody discovery, antibody screening, adoptive cell transfer applications. Our complementary CRISPR and TARGATT™ technologies have paved the way for faster and efficient screening for antibody and proteins with our latest TARGATT™ Master Cell Lines.

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Advances in Immuno-Oncology (A Joint Symposium by PBSS and BioScience Forum)

Date: 6/11/2019

Venue: Crowne Plaza, Foster City, CA

Conference URL: https://www.pbss.org/aspx/eventInfo.aspx?eID=621

About the Topic

The last few years has seen major advancements in cancer treatment through immunotherapy. This symposium aims to provide a comprehensive overview of the emerging concepts in cancer immunotherapy from the latest biologic insights in academia and the latest clinical data for approved and investigational immuno-oncology agents from key biotech and pharmaceutical companies. We will discuss the latest partnership trends and business development efforts in this rapidly evolving landscape. 

Tentative topics include: 

-oncolytic viruses 
-CAR-T therapy 
-TGFbeta and the tumor microenvironment 
-neoantigens cancer vaccines 
-TCR therapy
-novel combinations with checkpoint inhibitors