Cell Line Model Generation

The CRISPRCLEAR™ kits for cell line model generation are a do-it-yourself kits for affordable and efficient cell line model generation. A variety of kits are available for gene knockout, point mutation and knock-in models in human and mouse cell lines.

  • CRISPR Point Mutation, Knockin, Knockout Kit

    CRISPRCLEAR™ Custom Transfection-Ready Kit contains next generation sequencing validated gRNA plasmid(s) designed to target a gene in your cell line of interest (including iPSCs), donor DNAs and Cas9 expression plasmids. The Cas9 plasmids contain wild type Cas9. For researchers who prefer a more stringent off-target profile, we also provide Cas9 D10A or H840A nickase plasmids. Each kit is custom made to specifically target your gene-of-interest. 

  • CRISPR Hematopoietic Cells Gene Editing Kit (Knock-in, Knockout, Point Mutation)

    The CRISPRCLEAR™ Kits for editing blood-derived cells is an affordable, straightforward, “do-it-yourself” tool that helps you to genetically modify blood-derived cell lines in your own lab with high efficiency. The kits are designed for generating knock-in, knockout and point mutation models in blood-derived cell lines such as Jurkat, TF-1, K562 and other lymphocytes derived from NK cells or B cells. 

  • CRISPR Safe Harbor Locus Knock-in Kit

    CRISPRCLEAR™ Safe Harbor Locus Knock-in Kit for Human Cell Lines is a CRISPR genome editing kit containing surveyor assay validated gRNA plasmid(s) designed to target the hAAVS1, hH11 or hRosa26 locus, donor DNA and Cas9 expression plasmids. This kit can be used to generate CRISPR knock-in cell lines, including iPSCs. CRISPRCLEAR™ Safe Harbor Locus ROSA26 Knock-in Kit is also available for Mouse Cell Lines.