CRISPR Hematopoietic Cells Gene Editing Kit (Knock-in, Knockout, Point Mutation)


The CRISPRCLEAR™ Kits for editing blood-derived cells are an affordable, straightforward, “do-it-yourself” tool that helps you to genetically modify blood-derived cell lines in your own lab with high efficiency.  These transfection-ready kits are custom designed for generating knock-in, knockout or point mutation models in blood-derived cell lines such as Jurkat, TF-1, K562 and other lymphocytes derived from NK cells or B cells. Each kit provides three gene editing options with three (3) sets of customized gRNAs, without or without donor plasmid (depending on the type of modification desired), in optimized cocktails of CRISPR elements to target your gene of interest. Customized genotyping PCR and sequencing primers are also provided with the kit to aid in identifying and confirming desired gene modifications.

  • ASK-7013 CRISPRCLEAR™ Blood-derived Cell Lines Knockout kit
  • ASK-7023 CRISPRCLEAR™ Blood-derived Cell Lines Point Mutation kit
  • ASK-7033 CRISPRCLEAR™ Blood-derived Cell Lines Knock-in kit
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CRISPR/Cas9 Gene Editing in Blood-derived Immune Cells

This recorded webinar discusses Applied StemCell's efforts in fine tuning its CRISPR/Cas9 technology to improve the efficiency of gene editing in blood derived immune cells, such as Jurkat, K562, TF1, natural killer cell-derived cell lines and bone marrow cell lines. The talk also illustrates the potential difficulties when working with blood cells and demonstrates how Applied StemCell addresses these issues. 

Highlights of the talk:

  • Discrepancies in guide RNA (gRNA) activity among major blood-derived cell lines and how it affects gene editing efficiency
  • Guidelines to generate your desired mutations when available gRNAs are not ideal
  • Key steps to enhance your screening process and improve genome modification efficiency
  • Alternate solutions for engineering cell lines sensitive to DNA plasmid transfection

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