CRISPR Safe Harbor Locus Knock-in Kit

CRISPRCLEAR™ Safe Harbor Locus Knock-in Kit for Human & Mouse Cell Line contains surveyor assay validated gRNA plasmid(s) designed to target the hAAVS1, hH11 or Rosa26 locus, donor DNA and Cas9 expression plasmids.

  • Site-Specific Knock-in (hAAVS1, hH11, hRosa26 for Human Cell Line, ROSA26 for Mouse Cell Line)
  • Start from $1,000
  • For Human Cells
  • For iPSCs

Kit contains:

  • hAAVS1 (or H11, Rosa26)  gRNA gA plasmid (10ug)
  • hAAVS1 (or H11, Rosa26)  gRNA gB plasmid (10ug)
  • hAAVS1 (or H11, Rosa26)  donor plasmid  (10ug)
  • Cas9 puro plasmid (10ug)
  • 5' HR primer pair
  • 3' HR primer pair


Safe harbor CRISPR KI kit

Map of hH11 Donor Construct:

H11 donor plasmid



AAVS1 locus

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  • Tiyaboonchai, A., et al. (2014) Stem cell research, 12(3), 630-637
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H11 locus

Rosa26 locus

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