CRISPRCRITTERS™ Custom Rat Injection-Ready Kit (Validated)

CRISPRCRITTERS™ Injection-Ready Kit is a CRISPR kit for the generation of transgenic mice and rats. This CRISPR rat model kit contains Surveyor Assay validated gRNAs designed to target your gene of interest, donor DNAs and microinjection-validated Cas9 mRNA. For customers who prefer a more stringent off-target profile, we also provide mRNAs of Cas9 D10A or H840A nickase.

  •  Injection Ready
  • Validated in Surveyor Assay
  • Cas9 Nickase Available
  • Full Rat Generation Service Available

Injection-Ready Validated CRISPR Kits for Rat Model Generation

Cas9 Variants

Standard WT Cas9 and variants



An Example of gRNA Validation Data (mRosa26 locus)

Two gRNA sequences were cloned into gRNA-expressing vectors individually. Each construct was transfected into mouse N2A cells, individually. gRNA activity was determined by SURVEYOR assay on the PCR products, using the SURVEYOR Mutation Detection Kit, according to the manufacturer’s instructions. The results showed indel frequency of 26% and 12% for the two gRNA constructs, respectively.


An Example of Knockout of a Target Gene in Rats Using ASK-7610 Cas9 CRISPRCRITTERS™ Knockout kit 

The mixture of two gRNAs and Cas9 mRNA was injected into the cytoplasm of rat embryos. After injection, manipulated embryos were implanted into pseudo-pregnant Sprague Dawley ratsFour (marked by *) out of 16 pups showed expected deletions by PCR. Three pups (#3, 6 and 16) were confirmed to be homozygous Knockout rats by sequencing.  One (#13) is a heterozygous Knockout.





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