ONCOREF™ Multiplex Quantitative Reference Standards (Coming soon!)

Multiplexed quantitative reference standards allow you to simultaneously validate your assay performance across multiple loci and genetic alterations for PCR or next-generation sequencing (NGS). The ability to multiplex diverse mutations within a single sample is ideal for:

• Evaluating multiplexed assay platforms including microarray technologies, PCR, and next-generation sequencing (NGS)
• Development of custom, disease-specific mutation panels
• Analyzing and minimizing workflow bias during sample preparation

 Key features: 

• Fully customizable: Choose your own cell lines, mixture ratios, fixation times, and other processing conditions
• Available in both genomic DNA and FFPE formats
• Renewable source of reference materials for routine monitoring or assay development

Assay development and Valication


Mix and match across a number of different cancer cell lines:

  • Breast Cancer (SK-BR-3, MCF7, MDA-MB-231, MDA-MB-468, T-47D)
  • Lung Cancer (H2228, H23, A549, H460, HOP-62, H322, SK-MES-1)
  • Cervical Cancer (HeLa, Ca Ski)
  • Prostate Cancer (PC3, DU-145)
  • Colon Cancer (SW-620, HT-29, HCC-2998)
  • Melanoma (SK-MEL-2, SK-MEL-5, M14, M21, CHL-1)
  • Leukemia (K-562, Jurkat, Raji)
  • Ovarian Cancer (OVCAR-8, IGR-OV1)
  • Renal Cancer (SN-12C, TK-10)
  • Liver Cancer (HepG2, Huh-7)

MAPK mutation series:

  • 32 Mutations in EGFR
  • 12 Mutations in KRAS
  • 7 Mutations in BRAF
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