CRISPR Kit for iPSCs

Applied StemCell's CRISPR iPSC Knockout, Knock-in, Point Mutation Kit is designed for your disease-specific study. The kit contains next generation sequencing validated gRNA plasmd(s) designed to target a gene in you cell line of itnerest. Our scientific team will work closely with you to understand the customized needs of your projects and design the most efficient CRISPR elements to provide in your kit, thereby ensuring a fast turnaround and quality deliverables, The Cas9 plasmids contain wild type Cas9. Control iPSCs are also available (optional). Reagents supplied in the kit are sufficient for three transfections according to our control protocols. Reagents are also sold separately.

iPSC -mCherry KI

Figure: Site-specific knock-in of reporter gene (mCherry) in human iPSCs

For DNA knock-in in Safe Harbor Loci, we have ready to use CRISPRCLEAR™ Safe Harbor Loci Kits designed to insert a gene of interest into hH11, hAAVS1 or hRosa26 loci.

The kit contains:

  • gRNA plasmid (with validation report)
  • Cas9-puro plasmid
  • Donor DNA
  • Human iPSC from healthy tissue (Optional)

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