MEF Feeder Cells

Mouse embryonic fibroblasts (MEFs) are often used as "feeder cells" in human embryonic stem cell research. We offer multiple available lines including: CF-1, DR4, Neo-resistant and SNL (STO) feeder cells.

  • DR4 MEF Feeder Cells

    Derived from DR4 mouse embryos and are resistant to Neomycin, Hygromycin, Puromycin and 6-thioguanine.

  • CF-1 MEF Feeder Cells

    Derived from CF-1 mouse embryos and used as feeder layers to support the growth of undifferentiated mouse or human embryonic stem cells (ESC) and induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSC) .

  • Neo-resistant MEF Feeder Cells

    Isolated from mouse embryos and are resistant to neomycin.

  • SNL 76/7 (STO Cell Line)

    The SNL 76/7 cell line is derived from a mouse fibroblast STO cell line transformed with neomycin resistance and murine LIF genes. SNL 76/7 cells are commonly used as feeder cells for mouse and human ESC/iPSC culture. 

Applied StemCell Inc. (ASC) offers a wide selection of mouse embryonic fibroblast (MEF cells) as feeder cells isolated from CF-1, DR4, and SNL (STO feeder cells). Also check out our neo-resistant MEF feeder cells for the culture of ES/iPS cells under G418 selection.