Stem Cell Characterization

Stem Cell Marker kits. Characterization of embryonic stem cells and induced pluripotent stem cells by pluripotency protein or RNA marker kits and stem cell gene arrays.

  • Pluripotency Markers (Protein)

    Ready-to-use pluripotency marker kits and reagents for the identification of pluripotent ESCs and iPSCs by immunocytochemical and enzyme activity analysis.

  • Pluripotency Markers (mRNA)

    RT-PCR Pluripotency Marker Kits to confirm the pluripotency of ESC and iPSC lines with well-established pluripotency markers.

  • Solution and Secondary Antibodies

    Individual components including solutions and secondary antibodies for our stem cell characterization kit.

Applied StemCell offers multiple products for embryonic stem cell and induced pluripotent stem cell characterization. See below for our pluripotency protein marker kits, pluripotency mRNA marker kits, stem cell gene arrays and other individual components for our stem cell characterization kits.