Rat ESC/iPSC Characterization Kit

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1 Kit (20 reaction)
Price: $200.00

Cat#: ASK-3007
Size: 20 reactions


ASC’s rat embryonic stem/induced pluripotent stem (rES/iPS) cell characterization kit is designed for users to examine the pluripotent status of rES/iPS cell by analyzing marker protein expression. With a standard cell culture and immunofluorescence staining protocol, our optimized, ready-to-use kit provides a fast, convenient, sensitive method for detecting the pluripotent status of rES/iPS cells. Three commonly used marker antibodies, anti-Oct4, anti-Sox2, and anti-SSEA-1, are included in the kit with optimized concentration for immunofluorescence staining. Oct4 and Sox2 are transcription factors highly expressed in undifferentiated ESC and embryonic germ cells (EGC)[1-3]. SSEA-1 is a globoseries carbohydrate antigen present on the surface of rat ESC, but not human ESC[4,5]. In addition, ASC’s rES/iPS Cell Characterization Kit provides a rapid and sensitive alkaline phosphatase (AP) activity test. AP is a stem cell membrane marker and elevated expression of AP is associated with the pluripotent status[6].