TARGATT™ attP Mice from Charles River

Charles River Laboratory is an exclusive distributor of the TARGATT™ mice. There are two strain backgrounds available, FVB and C57BL6. These mice contain the attP docking sites recognized by PhiC31 integrase at the H11 locus on mouse chromosome 11. The workflow to create your own TARGATT™ knock-in mouse is:

  1. Purchase the TARGATT attP mouse from Charles River
  2. Clone your gene-of-interest into one of the TARGATT™ plasmids available from Applied Stem Cell
  3. Use the TARGATT™ Transgenic Kit to prepare DNA for microinjection into animals
  4. Set up mating for TARGATT attP mice, then inject transgene into the pronucleus of embryos
  5. Use the TARGATT™ Genotyping kit (H11 or Rosa26) to find mice containing the transgene

Technical Details

Technical Details

TARGATT™ mice are homozygous for the attP site and are used as embryo donors for pronuclear injection of minicircles containing the attB site and transgene. When injected together with the PhiC31 integrase mRNA, the transgene becomes permanently integrated into the embryo attP site. Resulting animals are screened by genotyping.

TARGATT™ attP mice and associated TARGATT™ kits enable you to make site-specific transgenic animals in your own lab. This is especially useful for transgenic animal core facilities, where many different lines of transgenic mice need to be created.


Description of the technology

Commentary, comparison with other transgenic methods

Tet inducible mice generated by TARGATT™

Advantage of Hipp11 (H11) locus

Applications for mice generated by TARGATT™


Make your own TARGATT mouse by purchasing the TARGATT™ attP Mouse from Charles River

TARGATT™ attP Mouse (FVB or C57BL6 /H11, from Charles River)

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