Knockout, Knock-in, Point Mutation Mouse Models

Applied StemCell utilizes its in-licensed CRISPR/Cas9 technology to generate mouse models with precise gene modifications such as knockout, gene knock-in and point mutation models for a variety of research and preclinical applications. As one of the earliest licensees of the technology and service provider of this technology, we have generated > 200 mouse models with very high efficiency and success rate. Our affordable custom service option uses upgraded designing strategies, highly optimized CRISPR protocols and validation methods to generate mouse models successfully with a fast turnaround and reduced cost. 

crispr mice diagram


Key Features:

  • Most up-to-date CRISPR designing strategies and protocols
  • 100% target-site cutting efficiency using optimized, proprietary gRNA validation methods
  • > 50% efficiency and >99% success rate in generating final mouse model
  • ISO:9001 certified facility for manufacturing high quality CRISPR reagents for microinjection
  • AAALAC-accredited animal facility in the USA for engineering mouse models
  • Wide variety of genome modifications to generate a mouse model for your research specifications
  • F1 breeding to confirm germline transmission for service projects
  • Animal IP belongs to researchers
  • NEW! Electrophysiology and behavioral assessments for your custom mouse models
  • Dedicated project management and timely milestone and final reports

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