Knockout, Knock-in, Point Mutation Mouse Models

Applied StemCell utilizes its in-licensed CRISPR/Cas9 technology to generate mouse models with precise gene modifications such as knockout, knock-in and point mutation models for a variety of research and preclinical applications.  

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  • Most up-to-date CRISPR design strategies and protocols

  • 100% target-site cutting efficiency using validated gRNA

  • >99% success rate in generating final mouse model

  • Wide variety of genome modifications available

  • F1 breeding to confirm germline transmission

  • Animal IP belongs to researchers

  • Electrophysiology and behavioral assessments for your custom mouse models

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Our affordable Mouse Model Service uses upgraded CRISPR/ Cas9 design strategies, highly optimized CRISPR protocols and validation methods to generate mouse models successfully with a fast turnaround and reduced cost. We have generated > 200 mouse models with very high efficiency and success rate.

How CRISPR/ Cas9 works:

crispr mice diagram

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