Knockout, Knock-in, Point Mutation Rat Models

Applied StemCell (ASC) leverages its long-standing expertise in CRISPR/Cas9 technology, as well as animal model engineering to generate rat models with precise gene modifications for a variety of research and preclinical applications.

Key Features:

  • Up-to-date CRISPR design strategies

  • 100% target-site cutting efficiency using validated gRNA

  • Highly successful at generating final rat model

  • ISO:9001 certified facility for manufacturing CRISPR reagents

  • Wide variety of genome modifications available

  • F1 breeding to confirm germline transmission

  • Animal IP belongs to researchers

  • Electrophysiology and behavioral assessments for your rat models

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At an affordable price, take advantage of Applied StemCell CRISPR rat model generation services. We use advanced CRISPR/ Cas9 gene targeting strategies, highly optimized CRISPR protocols and validation methods to generate a rat model specific to your requirements.

How CRISPR/ Cas9 works:


For large transgene knock-in and conditional knockout rat models, we also provide services using other gene modification methods such as site-specific TARGATT™ integrase-based gene integration or BAC-mediated random transgene knock-in.

You can choose between two service options for BAC-mediated transgene knock-in:

1. Full service custom rat model generation 

2. BAC modification strategy and cloning (you can do the pronuclear injection and transgenic rat screening)

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