Astro Induction Media - Research

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100 ml

Astro Induction Media is a serum‐free media produced using Applied StemCell’s proprietary formulations to allow researchers to differentiate neural stem cells (NSC; ASE-9234) into functional astrocytes. The astrocyte differentiation process is divided into two stages. In the first stage, the Astro Induction Medium (ASE-9322AI) is used to differentiate NSC into astrocyte precursors. In the second stage, the Astro Maturation Medium (ASE-9322AM) is used to further differentiate astrocyte precursors into mature, functional astrocytes and to maintain mature astrocytes in long-term culture (up to 60 days) (See Fig 1). Astro Maturation Medium can be purchased separately (ASE-9322AM) or as part of the Astrocytes Mature Starter Kit (ASE-9322MK/ ASE-9322MKF).


Figure 1. The process of astrocyte differentiation using Astro Induction and Maturation Media.