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The Astro Maturation Media is a serum‐free media to enable researchers to differentiate astrocyte precursor cells into functional astrocytes and to maintain mature astrocytes in long-term culture (up to 60 days). The astrocyte differentiation process is divided into two stages. In the first stage, the Astro Induction Medium (ASE-9322AI) is used to differentiate NSC into astrocyte precursors. In the second stage, the Astro Maturation Medium is used to further differentiate astrocyte precursors into mature, functional astrocytes (see Fig 1). Astro Induction Medium (ASE-9322AI) can be purchased separately or as part of the Astrocytes Mature Starter Kit (ASE-9322MK/ ASE-9322MKF).


Figure 1. The process of astrocyte differentiation using Astro Induction and Maturation Media.

Characterization of Mature Astrocytes

The maturation of astrocytes can be assessed by their morphology and by immunostaining using astrocyte marker Glial Fibrillary Acidic Protein (GFAP). Percentage of astrocytes can be determined by a count of GFAP positive astrocytes divided by the total number of cells (DAPI staining of nuclei).


Figure 2. Example of mature astrocytes. Immunostaining shows that >80% of total cells expressed GFAP marker. Total count of nuclei (blue) is used as the total number of cells. Red: GFAP Glial Fibrillary Acid Protein); green: Tuj-1 (Neuronal Class III β-Tubulin).


Figure 3. An example of densities of NSC, astrocyte precursors and mature astrocytes at different stages of differentiation using Astro Induction and Astro Maturation Media.