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Cell lines with a loss-of-function gene mutation is an invaluable tool for studying and understanding function of genes and gene products. But, a constitute knockout of an essential gene can affect cell viability and survivability. A conditional knockout cell line could rescue a potential lethality and give better control over the expression of the gene, as well as offer a more physiologically relevant model to study the role of the target gene and provide a target for drug discovery.

Leverage ASC’s expertise and success in generating CRISPR/Cas9 cell line generation to generate a conditional knockout cell line model customized to your project requirements.

  • Optimized CRISPR cell line protocols for: inducible, conventional Cre-recombinase mediated and more
  • Homozygous (or heterozygous) clones
  • Variety of cell lines: cancer, hard-to-transfect, most mammalian species
  • Workflow includes:
    • gRNA design, construction, and validation
    • Donor DNA construction
    • Cell line validation, transfection and optimization
    • Screening for single cell clones and clone confirmation
    • Cell expansion and cryopreservation


  • Two homozygous (or heterozygous) clones with correct gene mutation for the modified line; two vials of each clone; 1 x 10^6 cells/vial.
  • Milestone update/report; final report with detailed description of each procedure, including targeting vector design, construction and validation, transfection condition, genotyping strategy, and results.

Timeline: 3-4 months


  • Disease modeling for immuno-oncology, pharmacogenomic studies
  • Drug discovery and drug efficacy and toxicity screening; drug combination studies
  • Antibody validation