Cell Line Irradiation

Applied StemCell offers gamma (g)-irradiation service for irradiating customer’s cell lines (patient-derived, pooled, genome edited/ corrected cell lines) using a Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC)-approved Gamma-emission source to irradiate cells at a constant dose rate and to any desired extent of radiation. Irradiated cell line models are novel toolkits for a variety of applications such as generation of co-culture models using non-dividing/ feeder cells, to study mechanisms underlying cancer progression, wound healing and inflammatory responses after irradiation, screen drugs for enhancing irradiation sensitivity of tumor cells; for xenograft tumor models, and more.

Our custom cell line irradiation service includes:

  1. Cell line expansion/ harvesting
  2. Cell line Irradiation (customized extent of irradiation)
  3. Cryopreservation

Timeline: 5-7 days* (including shipping; excluding cell line expansion)

Deliverables: customized based on the desired cell density (for cell line expansion) and extent of irradiation required.

Applied StemCell also offers related services for comprehensive and stress-free cell line model generation perfectly suited for your research needs:

  • Cell line model generation using CRISPR/Cas9
  • Custom 3D cell line generation
  • Custom in vitro assay development

Need ready-to-use irradiated MEF feeder-cells for stem cell culture? 


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