DOPA Maturation Media

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100 ml

DOPA Maturation Media is serum‐free media produced using Applied StemCell’s proprietary formulations to allow researchers to enable robust maturation and maintenance of dopaminergic precursor cells into functional dopaminergic neurons (DOPA). Applied StemCell's induction and maturation media have been tested and optimized using NSC and neurons derived from Applied StemCell’s control iPSC line, ASE-9109 and ASE-9110. The DOPA neuron differentiation process is divided into two stages: In the first stage, the DOPA Induction Medium (ASE-9323DI) is used to differentiate NSC into DOPA precursors. In the second stage, the DOPA Maturation Medium is used to further differentiate the precursors into high purity, mature, functional DOPA neurons and to maintain these neurons in long-term culture (up to 40 days) (See Figure 1). DOPA Induction Medium can be purchased separately (ASE-9323DI) or as part of the Dopaminergic Neurons Starter Kit (ASE-9323K/ ASE-9323KF).


Figure 1.The process of dopaminergic differentiation using DOPA Induction and Maturation Media

Characterization of Dopaminergic Neurons at Maturity



Figure 2. Example of neural stem cells (NSC), DOPA precursors, and DOPA neurons morphology: at different stages of differentiation using DOPA Induction (ASE-9323DI) and DOPA Maturation Media (ASE-9323DM).



Figure 3. Immunostaining of dopaminergic (DOPA) neurons at day 22 of differentiation. More than 80% cell stain positive for Tuj-1 (neuronal class III b-tubulin marker; green) and >30% for TH (tyrosine hydroxylase; red). DAPI (blue) was used for staining the nucleus.