• Cas9 Expressing Cell Lines

Cas9 Expressing Cell Lines

Applied StemCell offers a reliable and efficient alternative to traditional CRISPR/Cas9 protocols with our Cas9-Expressing Cell Lines. These cell lines have an integrated human codon optimized Cas9 that stably expresses Cas9 for DNA cleavage, for a smoother workflow with fewer transfections and subsequently a higher cell viability. Generate your own isogenic knockout, gene knock-in and gene tagging cell line models for consistent, reproducible results that are ideal for antibody validation, high throughput drug screening, and gRNA validation.

We have ready-to-use Cas9 expressing cells in some popular human and murine cell line models:

  • Jurkat-Cas9
  • K562-Cas9
  • HEK293-Cas9
  • mESC (mouse embryonic cell)-Cas9

Inquire for custom Cas9 expressing cell line model service in a cell line of your interest.

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mESC-C9m cells: Please download and read this contract before placing order.

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Genome Editing for Cell Line Model Generation

Application Notes

Guide RNA validation using Jurkat-Cas9 Expressing Cell Lines

Guide RNA (gRNA) validation is usually performed in K562 or HEK293 cell lines. The gRNA activity validated in these cell lines cannot always be translated in blood cells. A Jurkat cell line was engineered to stably express the S. pyogenes Cas9 nuclease. This Cas9 expressing Jurkat cell line can be used for gRNA validation by transfecting the gRNA into the cell line followed by mismatch assay.The data below indicate the validation result of the guide RNAs. The Jurkat-C9m was transfected with three oligo-synthesized guide RNAs. Genomic DNA was harvested 72 hours after transfection. All three guide RNAs are shown to be active in the mismatch assay.

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