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Cancer Research Tools

Stress-free, cost saving solutions for cancer research! ASC offers a series of cell lines and vectors for enabling preclinical cancer research with: a panel of 250+ isogenic cell lines with clinically-relevant cancer mutations (from COSMIC database); and, autobioluminescent cell lines and vectors that uses our revolutionary, optical imaging technology that replaces the traditional method of bioluminescence with a continuous, substrate-free, autobioluminescent signal for efficient screening/monitoring studies and xenograft modeling. Our cell lines and vectors are ideal for:

  • Preclinical drug discovery and drug screening; toxicity screening
  • Tumorigenesis and treatment studies
  • Non-invasive in vivo tumor tracking in small animal models
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Autobioluminescent Cell
Lines and Vectors

Cost-saving and time efficient bioimaging with an substrate-free bioluminescent reporter engineered in 4 major cell lines: HCT116, HEK293, MCF7, T47D.

Autobioluminescent Cell
Lines and Vectors

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