MyEZ Gel™ CDX/PDX Models Injection Media

Base membranes are thin extracellular matrices that cells adhere to and grow on in vivo.  MyEZGelTM CDX/PDX is a protein based solubilized base membrane synthesized from commonly used amino acids, and minerals.  The amino acids include Arginine, Aspartate, Glycine, Isoleucine, Leucine, Lysine, Phenylalanine, Proline, Serine, and Valine. MyEZGelTM CDX/PDX is compatible with various adhesion proteins and cell growth factors, including but not limited to laminin, collagens, VE-growth factor, fibroblast growth factor, and other growth factors. MyEZGelTM CDX/PDX is a powerful reagent to package and deliver cancer cells, primary cancer cells, or stem cells in vivo for xenograft animal models.

Advantages of MyEZGelTM CDX/PDX:

  • No more icing: All operation and growth procedures are done at room temperature or 37°C in neutral pH. Cells no longer suffer acidic or chill conditions.
  • Easy procedure: cells are easily encapsulated and injected into a targeted location in vivo, and cells can grow out the matrix to form tumor because the matrix can be degraded into amino acids and absorbed easily.
  • Well-defined system: Gel matrix has defined components.
  • Biocompatible: Gel matrix is highly biocompatible with biological environments; avoiding infections; while accurately reflecting the cell microenvironment.

MyEZ Gel™ Cell Suspension Preparation for CDX/PDX (for 10 mice)

1. Harvest cells according to cell culture protocol.
2. Prepare cell suspension in a final volume of 900 µL basal culture medium (for up to 3 x10^8 cells).
3. Add 100 µL Solution A: MyEZGel™ kicker to the cell suspension from step 2, gently mix well.
4. Add 1mL Solution B: MyEZGel™ matrix solution with the cell suspension from Step 3 pipet well (don’t introduce air bubbles).
Note: the ratio of the (Cell suspension + Solution A): Solution B is 1:1 in this case.
5. Load a 1mL syringe with 100-200µL cell suspension from step 4 (used for one mouse; total 10 syringes for 10 mice), keep it at 4°C until cell transplanted (make sure cells are uniformly distributed before loading; inject 100-200µL per animal).
Note: The cell suspension should be transplanted into animal as soon as possible or within 1 hour.


Human iPSC transplantation comparison of Naturally Extracted ECM and MyEZ Gel™   

Neuronal Rosette ECMNeuronal Rosette MyEZGel

Neuronal Rosette (200x) formed by ASC-iPSC13 in Naturally Extracted ECM suspension (Left), in MyEZ Gel™ suspension (Right).

Cartilage ECMCartilage MyEZGel

Cartilage (200x) formed by ASC-iPSC13 in Naturally Extracted ECM suspension (Left), in MyEZ Gel™ suspension (Right).

Gland ECMGland MyEZGel

Gland (200x) formed by ASC-iPSC13 in Naturally Extracted ECM suspension (Left), in MyEZ Gel™ suspension (Right).

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