Astrocytes Precursors Starter Kit (iPSC from Cord Blood Cells CD34+; Female)

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The Human Astrocyte Precursor Kit contains cryo-preserved, pre-differentiated astrocyte precursors derived from a footprint-free, karyotype normal human iPSC line (ASE-9110). It is designed for customers to generate mature astrocytes using ASC's optimized maturation medium (ASE-9322MDM) and supplements. Mature astrocytes can be obtained within 17 days. Shortly after seeding and recovery, the cells proliferate and need to be passaged a minimum of two times. In general, on day 17 post-seeding, the cell population will contain ≥80% Glial Fibrillary Acidic Protein (GFAP) positive astrocytes and ≤ 15% Tuj-1 positive neurons (neuronal class III β-tubulin).