Astrocytes Precursors (iPSC from Cord Blood Cells CD34+; Male)

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1 vial (1 x 10^6)

Astrrocyte Precursor Cells (ASE-9322P) are cryo-preserved, pre-differentiated astrocyte precursors derived from a footprint-free, karyotype normal human iPSC line (ASE-9109). It is designed for customers to generate mature astrocytes using ASC’s optimized maturation medium and supplements. Mature astrocytes can be obtained within 17 days. Shortly after seeding and recovery, the cells proliferate and need to be passaged a minimum of two times. In general, on Day 17 post-seeding, the cell population will contain ≥80% Glial Fibrillary Acidic Protein (GFAP) positive astrocytes and ≤ 15% Tuj-1 positive neurons (neuronal class III β-tubulin).