Stem Cell Derivation

Mouse embryonic stem cells (mESCs) are commonly used to study gene function during early embryonic development and to generate knock-in or knockout mouse models. mESCs are also a valuable tool for drug testing and high-throughput screening. Applied StemCell Inc. has successfully derived hundreds of mouse embryonic stem cell lines from various mouse strains including gene-targeted strains.
We offer a service to derive novel mouse ESC lines from any strain-of-interest. We can also derive mouse ESC lines from your transgenic mice. Let our expertise advance your stem cell research in a timely fashion.
It takes about 3 weeks to derive mESC lines and an additional 2-4 weeks for optional characterization tests, including genotyping, sex determination, pluripotency, and karyotype. We can ship you vials of ultra-low passage (p2-p4) cells while we are performing the characterization.
Deliverables include 2 vials of frozen ESCs, each containing 1 million cells.

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