TARGATT™ 7 (PGK-MCS-PolyA); Mouse Plasmids

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2 ug

TARGATT™ 7 (PGK-MCS-PolyA); Mouse Plasmids


The TARGATT™ vector is designed to deliver your gene of interest to an insertion site in a well-characterized, transcriptionally active locus in the mouse genome. The gene of interest can be cloned into TARGATT™ Plasmids using several enzyme combinations. Microinjection of plasmids into the pronuclei of TARGATT™ Mouse Embryos along with TARGATT™ Integrase mRNA introduces your gene of interest into the attP site in the mouse genome in an irreversible recombination, catalyzed by TARGATT™ integrase.

These TARGATT™ plasmids are required to generate the donor plasmid that will be used with our TARGATT™ Transgenic kits and TARGATT™ “attP” mice.


  • Watch our "How-to Guide" video for a brief overview of how to generate your own transgenic knock-in mouse model using the TARGATT™ technology.
  • We also provide custom service where we can do the microinjection for you and send you the mice. Please see our TARGATT™ Services.