Stable Cell Line Generation Service

Applied SremCell Stable Cell Line Generation Service

Mammalian cell lines with long-term stable expression can be one of the most effective tools in your research or drug discovery program. Applied StemCell (ASC) is now offering a custom service to provide our customers lentiviral transfection, stable cell line generation, with constructs containing your gene of choice. There are unlimited uses for recombinant cell lines with stable expression of a transgene. A few examples are, drug screening, functional assays, FACS screening of membrane proteins, expression studies, antibody immunization boosting and gene therapy research. When combined with the broad spectrum of target cells and our CRISPR/Cas9 technology the possibilities are infinite.

Lentivirus is derived from HIV and constitute a subfamily of retroviruses. Modified lentiviral plasmid vectors are one of the most efficient gene delivery systems available. Lentivirus have a broad target spectrum and infect most mammalian cell types including dividing and non-dividing cells, hard to transfect cell lines and whole model organisms, all with high efficiency. In addition, low immunogenicity is another reason to use this system.

Lentivirus transfection is one of the most efficient methods of mammalian gene delivery and has many advantages over other gene delivery methods. Their ability to infect dividing and non-dividing cells, primary cell lines or terminally differentiated cells such as neurons, stem cells, muscle cell and liver cells makes them uniquely suited for basic research. Lentiviral vectors integrate their genetic payload directly into the chromosome of the target cell. But they do not transfer sequences that encode viral proteins necessary for viral packaging thus they do not elicit an immune response to the cells containing the transfer gene.

To start a project all we need is:

  • The sequence of the cDNA you would like expressed in your custom cell line.
  • The identity of any selectable markers you would like to use.
  • Which promoter you would like to drive expression of your target gene.
  • Which target cell type you need for your project.
  • We can work with any cDNA up to 3.6kb. There is an upper limit to the size of cDNA that can be packaged as lentiviral particles, due to the unique packaging biology of retroviruses. 

All our work is confirmed by DNA sequencing of the resultant vector. We have optimized our system to be highly reliable and reproducible. We use 3rd generation systems with the lentivirus packaging genes on separate plasmids for highest biosafety. Our service also includes clonal expansion and cryopreservation.

In addition, the system can be custom designed for whatever expression level you need: over expression, inducible expression, knock down and knockedout expression.


Producing, concentrating, and titrating lentiviral particles is time consuming and requires expertise for reliable and reproducible results. ASC is your own experienced expert that is ready for your custom project with reliable and cost effective solutions designed especially for you.


Please contact ASC with any of your questions, including pricing, deliverables and timelines. We are happy to answer all of your questions  provide stable cell line generation and design the best lentivrus, or non-virus, project for your specific genetic research and drug discovery needs.

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