Neuro Toxicity Testing

Applied StemCell Neuro Toxicity

Cell-based assays of drug toxicity are becoming crucial tools in current translational research and drug discovery. It is critical to learn as much as possible about new drug candidates, with high throughput human in vitro assays, before moving candidates into expensive animal models testing. Cell-based in vitro alternatives are a perfect fit for your overall strategy for neuro toxicity testing and represent a paradigm shift for toxicology and drug discovery efforts. Many current testing protocols involve expensive, time consuming and ethically debated in vivo animal models, Thus, drug discovery project teams are trying to minimize the use of animals for cost, time and ethical reasons. In addition, animal models are not suitable for screening large numbers of compounds efficiently and economically. ASC offers cell-based assays for toxicity testing in many types of biologically relevant human neuronal cells derived from induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs).

We offer different neurons for toxicity testing that are derived from our iPSCs, including dopaminergic neurons, astrocytes, oligodendrocytes, gabanergic neurons and mixed neurons (excitatory and inhibitory).

It is important to test a variety of cell types because no one test can be used to examine all aspects of the human nervous system. Our cell-based assay for neural toxicity testing is the perfect solution:

  • Our testing is highly reproducible providing confidence in all data generated.
  • ASC neuronal cell lines are fully characterized by immunocytochemistry and whole genome profiling.
  • Possible endpoints include oxidative stress, DNA damage, apoptosis, neurite outgrowth.
  • Our iPSC derived neural cells are cryopreserved and well characterized with little batch to batch variations.
  • iPSC models can be patient specific and can be differentiated into many neural cell types helping to fulfill the promise of personalized medicine.
  • In vitro cell-base assays for neuro toxicity testing are now considered effective, by key Governmental agencies, to assess risk.
  • A cell-based toxicity testing assay allows for prioritization decisions to be made to move the most promising compounds into appropriate animal studies quickly.
  • Our cell-base assays for toxicity testing are a very effective path to a better understanding of environmental toxicants as well.

Let us do your neuro toxicity testing with our consistent and reliable source of neuronal cell types. Contact us to discuss the cell-base assays we have for testing toxicity and the endpoints that make sense for your drug discovery project.

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