Teratoma Analysis, iPSC Characterization

 Teratoma Analysis, iPSC Characterization
To publish your new iPSCs, do you need:
  • Stringent molecular and functional assays to evaluate pluripotency criteria?
  • Karyotype analysis to rule out genetic aberrations?

ES/iPS Cell Services

  • Teratoma formation analysis
  • EB (embryoid body) formation and characterization 
  • Pluripotency characterization (Immunocytochemical assay for pluripotency markers)
  • Karyotyping (Chromosome counting, G-banding)
  • Sex determination



Teratoma Formation Assay
Published reports of ASC's Teratoma Formation Analysis Reports can be found in the Certificate of Analysis "Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells (iPSCs)" by Coriell Institute for Medical Research.
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