Year-End Promotion! CRISPR/Cas9 iPSC Gene Editing

Budget-friendly stem cell models in-a-dish

Point Mutation Models (PM): starting from $13,000 USD

Knockout Models (KO): starting from $10,000 USD

Leverage our unique expertise in both stem cell and CRISPR gene editing technologies to engineer/ correct mutations in your patient-derived iPSC lines:

Genetically modify healthy or disease-specific iPSCs
Custom heterozygous & homozygous clones (PM models)
> 98% success rate in CRISPR-iPSC gene editing 
Fast turnaround times (as little as 3 months)
Dedicated project management; detailed and timely milestone and final reports

Use Promo Code: STEM2017  

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Need iPSCs? We have a large collection of well-characterized iPSC lines from healthy and disease donors to choose from or we can custom engineer iPSCs from your patients’ samples.

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Terms & Conditions:

Offer cannot be included or combined with other promotions; valid until 12/31/2017; offer does not include gene editing using technologies other than CRISPR-Cas9; pricing for academic institutions; other restrictions may apply.