TARGATT™ CHO-S (Master Cell Line) Knock-in Kit

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The TARGATT™CHO-S Master Cell Line and transgenic kit was designed for fast and site-specific knock-in in CHO cells using an easy-to-use gene knock-in approach. The master cell line provided in this kit contains the “attP” docking-site and the PhiC31 integrase expression cassette engineered into the hH11 safe harbor locus in the genome. Any gene of interest can be cloned into the provided TARGATT™ “attB” cloning plasmid (under control of the strong CAG promoter or promoter-of-choice), and transfected into the master cell line for generating a stable knock-in cell line. The TARGATT™ integrase based technology guarantees efficient DNA integration and high-level gene expression without disrupting internal genes. The TARGATT™ CHO-Scell line can therefore be used for uniform, site-specific gene knock-in, generation of isogenic cell lines, and amplification strategies for isolating high expression cells, without the need for single cell cloning.

The TARGATT™ CHO-S master cell line and transgenic kit are suitable for research applications involving gene overexpression and high-level expression of recombinant proteins and other biologics in a rapidly expanding bioproduction industry and other applications*.

*TARGATT™ master cell lines can be generated in any cell line including stem cells. Please contact Applied StemCell for TARGATT™ cell line engineering services to generate a master cell line in a specific cell line of choice.


TARGATT™ Master Cell Line Publication:

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