TARGATT™ Mouse (Age: Up to 28)

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Targatt Site Specific        Charles River

The TARGATT™ attP mice (C57BL6) contain PhiC31 integrase recognition site, attP, at the mHipp11 locus on mouse chromosome 11 (H11). The attP mice are homozygous for the attP site and are used as embryo donors for pronuclear injection of donor plasmids containing the attB site and transgene. When injected together with the PhiC31 integrase mRNA, the transgene becomes permanently integrated into the embryo attP site.  These mice can be used for site-specific and stable integration of your transgene into the H11 safe harbor locus in the mouse genome. 

Ideal For:  Inducible Gene Expression, Overexpression of gene of interest, Reporter genes, Humanized models, and Gene knockdown (siRNA expressing transgenes).  

Strain C57BL6
Coat Color Black
Age 29-35 Days


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