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Leading Gene & Cell Therapy CRO/CDMO


As a leading cell and gene therapy CRO/CDMO, Applied StemCell is a proud supporter of gene editing and stem cell therapy development. With two high-impact platforms, CRISPR/TARGATT™ Genome Editing and iPSC (GMP grade), we seek to help advance the development of novel therapeutics.

Along with our wide range of CRO service options, we provide GMP gene-editing and cell manufacturing services along with cell banking. Our CMC facility is located in Milpitas, California. To meet the needs of the research and biotechnology industry locally and across the globe, the expansion of our cGMP facility is underway and is opening on 5/12/2023.




Advancing Gene and Cell Product Development Through Stem Cells and Genome Editing Technologies

Applied StemCell strives to advance gene-editing and stem cell innovation for biomedical research and the biotechnology industry to assist in the development of breakthrough therapeutic approaches to cure intractable diseases.

ASC is a trailblazing CRO/CDMO committed to building a complete iPSC-Gene Editing platform for the production of iPSC-derived products for gene and cell therapy research and development. With the integration of our unique iPSC approach and IP-based site-specific large cargo insertion technology, TARGATTTM, we (1) develop immune-compatible master iPS cell lines and (2) deliver large DNA fragments to pluripotent cells that have proven differentiation capabilities. We stand at the forefront of the iPSC-based therapy revolution delivering research- and GMP-grade iPSC solutions along with various downstream assay services.


Transform the Biotechnology Industry Through the Development of Allogenic Cell Products

As an innovative company, we are committed to providing excellent iPSC services and high-quality products while working to improve and expand our capabilities to become a leading CRO/CDMO in the biotechnology industry. Our goal is to develop allogeneic cell products using the iPSC and TARGATT gene insertion technology platform. We hope to facilitate the creation of allogenic CAR-T and CAR-NK products with our TARGATT-iPSC capabilities to accelerate the manufacturing of essential therapies for cancer treatment. Furthermore, we are determined to form meaningful partnerships with companies shaping the next generation of therapeutics for regenerative medicine with our multifaceted platform to deliver life-changing iPSC-derived products.

cGMP Grade iPSC Line & GMP CDMO Services

ASC's new GMP room is certified and fully equipped for iPSC/MSC-derived product development and cell manufacturing.



Strong IP Position

Patented Technology Underscores Differentiated CRDMO Offerings

  • 15+ unique patents filed with 5 gene editing patents granted
  • CRISPR/Cas technology licensed from MIT/Broad and UC Berkeley/ERS Genomics.
  • iPSC technology licensed from iPS Academia, Japan

Unique Site-Specific Technology TARGATT™ Licensable for Cell Therapy Applications

  • >30 TARGATTTM license agreements have been executed to companies. 
  • License-out-ready cell lines

Partners and Customers

With our proprietary site-specific knock-in technology, TARGATT™ and master cell lines we seek to establish new partnerships with researchers and companies focused on cell therapy development, bioproduction, animal model generation, or protein screening.


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Applied StemCell’s technology and scientific experience has enabled a successful gene therapy pipeline for intractable monogenic disorders, and the formation of our sister company, ASC Therapeutics (ASCTx) under the Applied StemCell, Inc corporate umbrella. Under the leadership of Dr. Ruby Chen-Tsai who spearheaded the former therapeutics program, Applied StemCell’s mission as a gene and cell therapy CRO will benefit the advancement of safer and effective gene and cell therapy programs with collaborators in the biotechnology industry.