• Base Edit with Confidence
    • Zero Off Target Events
    • Edit Multiple Sites In A Single Cell
    • High Efficiency
    Base Edit with Confidence

ceBE-X Custom Cell Line Model Generation

New Absolutely Zero-Off Target Base Editing Technology is now part of Applied StemCell’s Gene Editing Platform

If you are looking to edit multiple targets in a single cell with an efficiency similar to editing a single target with no off-target, ceBE-X is your choice. Applied StemCell offers the Custom ceBE-X cell model generation from your samples.

  • Knockout, Point Mutation
  • Completely Safe with Zero off-targeting
  • Proprietary patented technology with full FTO; from RUO to cell drug development
  • Novel base editor created by synthetic biology
    with the highest editing efficiency on the market
  • In Vitro/In Vivo case studies includes iPSCs, HEK293s, ESCs, etc. 

Next-Generation Genome Editing

- Use for cell lines and animal models
- End-to-end solution from research to GMP manufacturing
- Efficient turnaround time
- Custom service and license-ready
- Demonstrated case studies
- Free Consultation

ceBE-X vs. BE4MAX 

Representative ceBE-X Editing Efficiency

  • The efficiency of editing 2 or 3 targets in the same T cell is around 80-95%.
  • We provide sgRNA design and off-target analysis.
  • A diverse selection of targets including immune cell surface proteins or disease targets.
  • We have successfully edited 12 targets.


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